Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our German House

Well, I've been slacking at putting up our house pictures because I'm STILL not done with it...but, let's be honest, it might be awhile because we'd rather travel than put our house together! We feel SUPER fortunate to live in the home we have. Most German homes are VERY tiny and have several small rooms. Most also do not have any kind of "garden" or yard. We love our home. It fits us well. Our neighborhood is full of children, and the kids love to play with them and are learning their German! All the neighborhood kids love our trampoline. Our neighborhood is not a typical German neighborhood. Most neighborhoods are filled with row houses and duplexes.

When you walk into our home, you first come in the entry way where we keep all our shoe cupboards. IKEA made some pretty cute ones! Next I have pictures of our family room. It is nice and open. Then there is a pic of me in the kitchen {the laundry room is off to the side}. I'm in there a lot! This was the room that sold me on the house. Then we go upstairs where there are 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Next we have G's room. She really wanted to decorate it herself {which was hard for me to give up, but we have to let our kids fly, right?!} She was happy to put stickers of different woodland creatures on the walls. Next you can see J/S's room. The boys share. S loves sharing his room with J. He really looks up to his big brother. We have cute state/country pictures of the places we've lived {thanks aunt Kristi!} and tons of Lego creations {which J won't let me clean off his dressers...again, oh well}. I painted those dressers in Ohio before we came out here. I love the color!

So, my room is still in the works. It's half painted right now, so pictures will come soon {or not soon because we have tons of trips coming up!} I also have a craft/guest room {which is currently occupied, so I'll post pictures when it's back to normal}.

So, there you have it...my house {with all it's imperfections}. Is it what I would love for my dream house or decor to be like, no...but, hey...we are in GERMANY, baby! Who cares?! Some day my house will come, but til then, my $$ and time is saved for my family and travels!

{thanks to Mimi for some of the pictures that I never got around to!}


Jenny G said...

I am so happy that I can picture where you are now! It's super cute. I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I nearly called you at 10:15 pm your time but decided not to risk waking up a child:) Miss you!

Auburn said...

It's adorable! LOVE IT! I hope, hope, hope we can make it over there before you guys come back!

Diana Waite said...

SO loving all of these pictures of your adventure! :)

R.C + T.S said...

The pictures of your many wonderful journeys are breathtaking! It makes me want to drop everything and move out to Germany. Your home looks beautiful and cozy. p.s. I love the framed pictures of the states your fam has lived in; what a cute idea! loves and hugs-