Saturday, September 26, 2009


there is a wonderful place called rosby farm here in the cleveland area. they grow my favorite fruit, and we are allowed to pick them for really cheap. we ate several right off the bat, i froze 2 gallon freezer zip bags full of them {so i can enjoy them during hibernation time here}, made 8 jars of freezer jam, and made some yummy cupcakes for a friend's baby shower.
anne's cupcake recipe {here}
picking 'em with super baby in tow

some really cute raspberries

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like fall

yesterday at 5:18pm {to be exact} was the september equinox and official beginning of fall.
this is my absolute favorite time of year. i'm already thinking and feeling sad that i've only got one more of this beautiful season in ohio to go. there is something so majestic about the changing foliage. i also love the crispness in the air, the pumpkins, the apples, the soccer games, the festivals, the clambakes, and the smells in the air.
i love the smell of the wood burning as people begin to start using their fireplaces...and i love the glow and warmth of my fireplace in my home.
so to celebrate this wonderful occasion, we made changes in our own home.
change is in the air
here are the first signs of fall... the view out of my back window.
the tree in my side yard that first starts out red then goes to orange and then yellow.

pumpkins on my mantel
i made these pumpkins last year.
click {here}
for fabulous directions on how to make them.
pumpkin up close

pumpkin on my door
i made this pumpkin at a church activity with corinne (my sis-in-law) the first year we were married and living in utah.
a cozy new quilt
i started piecing together this orange & white quilt to keep us cozy and warm during the fall. i got the idea {here}.

sweet cinnamon pumpkin
i plugged these babies from bath & body works in all over my smells delish!
wood curl wreath
this was my big purchase from the country living fair.


Monday, September 21, 2009

country living...ahh...

so my little #3 {aka super baby} is sleeping so wonderfully now. he goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up to eat at 5:00am...i know that is still a little early...but for such a little guy of 3 months old we are LOVIN' the i started this post at 5:30 with him laying next to me and my for the real story:

one thing on my bucket list:
go to country living fair {check}

so i've grown up loving the country living magazine because my mother read it faithfully. she would rip out pages of projects and ideas she wanted to recreate and this practice, along with many other factors, contributed to my love of the art of crafting. not only do i love to craft, but i love seeing the fabulous ideas/talents of others. so when a couple of years ago my mom showed me this fair {on one of the pages she had ripped out}, it made my bucket list. then to find out it was in columbus, oh which is only 2 hours south of me...PERFECT. i was really hoping that my mom could come and go with me...but her schedule was too full. we are already making plans for next year though.

so without much further take on the country living fair:

{a beautiful 78 degrees and hundreds of exhibits}
{giant pumpkin stack}

{some fabulous fall lovelies}

{many beautiful quilts}

{bird houses to die for}

{awesome surround sound}

{ahh, lemonade...nothin' but lemons, water & sugar...tasted so good in the warm sun}

{before & after}

{several creators}

{some vintage-like lovelies}
{you know i love owls...i think i'll have to come up with something for halloween}

{little flower lovelies}
{and a few weird items...yup, that's a doll head in a nest in a cage}

{some wonderful friends to share the day with...sigh}
till next year

p.s. they had a special fair offer of $5 for a year subscription to Country Living Magazine, {of course i bought it} so now i can tear my own pages out...