Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holland, Amsterdam

So we drove through Amsterdam on our way home. I couldn't believe how many bikes there were! There were literally thousands of bikes just in Amsterdam alone. We also loved all the fun row houses. We drove by the house where Anne Frank was being hidden during WWII. {It was the home of a dentist...hmm!}

Holland, Zaanse Schans

This place reminded us of our Amish days in Ohio. We went into a cheese factory and tasted all the great cheese. My kids settled on us purchasing a circle of Gouda (which was first created in Gouda, Netherlands). They loved tasting all the yummy cheeses. We also enjoyed watching how the wooden shoes were created. It was neat to see a man actually cut and hollow out a shoe. I couldn't pass up some cute red and white polka dot ones! They are now on my counter. It's hard to believe the Dutch still wear them. They are not comfy! We loved seeing the windmills and enjoying a giant pancake drizzled with chocolate and topped with cream. We went with our friends, the Bowerbanks, and had a fun time with them too (I don't know how I didn't get any pics with them?!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holland, Keukenhof

We enjoyed the Netherlands over the long weekend. We visited the famous gardens of Keukenhof to see the Tulips. The kids enjoyed blowing bubbles throughout the park. I loved just driving through the countryside and seeing colorful stripes of tulips. It was a little chilly, but no rain! G has been dying for some wooden shoes, so she is wearing her new prize. She wore them to church for Easter Sunday too! We drove here on our trip, and it wasn't too shabby of a drive. The Dutch were friendly and we even bought a bouquet of tulips to bring home for our table. We love visiting and learning about other cultures. Our favorite treats were these amazing waffle cookies and cheese!