Wednesday, April 29, 2009

spring has sprung

it's AMAZING to me how almost overnight blossoms and buds appear. it's truly REFRESHING. after such a LONG, COLD winter...spring is a BEAUTIFUL thing. before moving to ohio, i never really anticipated something as much as i do SPRING! i woke up this morning {with my windows open} to the sounds of various pitches and songs of different birds and the rustling of the wind blowing through the felt like i was still dreaming. so before the "april showers" came for the day, i took pictures of all the lovely things present in my yard testifying of an ohio spring.
for as much as i don't like the cold and gray days in the winter, this TOTALLY makes up for it. i feel like spring and summer help ohio to redeem itself from a long, nasty winter. the spring, summer, and falls here are really a dream. i'm so pleased that we were able to get out of our little square of the earth in arizona, and come here to ohio. not only do i enjoy the seasons, but also friendships. i have met many people that i will call dear friends till the day i die. thanks, babe for moving us out here in pursuit of your dreams.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


7 {seven} more weeks...and counting

Monday, April 13, 2009

baby mine

well folks...i had matt take a picture of me on the side of the house the other day to "document" my pregnancy. can't say that i love to look at my huge everything, but i'm sure glad at what's growing inside. i once read what a mother said about her newborn baby:

you not only grew under my heart, but in it

i love this saying...and boy does it hold true. it's amazing how much a mother's heart can grow for someone she's never met. maybe it's the HUGE sacrifice of pregnancy...throwing up most every day/several times a day for 5 months; only getting bits of sleep at night; every ligament and muscle just aching from the body change; that nice rash on my face; lovely stretch marks; peeing my pants when i cough, sneeze, or laugh; the emotional rollercoaster - i seriously cry during commercials!; getting winded from walking around the grocery store; having the feeling that my ribs are cracking every time he kicks....and yada, yada, yada...but it's ALL worth it.

here are the positives from the past 7.5 months of our lives: my boy, J, learning compassion - J rubbing my back when i throw up; J bringing me breakfast in bed when i was too sick to get up; J kissing my belly before he goes into his classroom without being embarassed to do so and then saying, "i love you baby brother"; my girl, G, learning responsibility; G cleaning the bathroom counter with a wet wipe; G sweeping the kitchen floor; G "folding" the laundry; G kissing my belly and telling baby boy all the fun things she's going to do with him; J & G praying every night for "our" baby; my sweet husband being so patient and kind even when my requests are irrational or difficult; making lots of fun things for our little man; seeing how i have people in my life who really care about me; feeling baby boy move inside me; and last but not least...anticipating his arrival. just knowing that the Lord is entrusting me with one of His sons humbles me, and i truly recognize the task before me. i pray every day that i can be a good mother to J & G, and i pray the same for this little boy coming into my life.

{on a totally different side note, by sis-in-law, auburn, told me about these cool photoshop actions - things to change up a picture, so i used one on this picture called "seventies". the gal's blog name who created the actions is pioneer woman...check 'em out!"}

Thursday, April 2, 2009

blog book

i now have 2 years worth of blog books/family history! i think that printing your blog is such a treasure! i found this place called BLURB and you can "slurp" your blog into this program and create a book! it "slurps" the words and the pictures. it's awesome! i finished my 2008 book in about 4 hours {and it was 162 pages}! my kids love to look through them often, and it has cut back on some of my scrapbooking. this is such a great way to keep up to date on things happening with my family. i'm so glad that BLURB created this! so check it out!