Friday, June 12, 2009


drink-this-nasty-greasy-stuff-and-sit-on-the-toilet-for-6-hours kind of no avail. so, like 25 people told me to use this as a last resort, but that it worked to induce labor...welp, i'm here to tell you that it didn't for me. {i do have a mighty clean colon though!}

i have tried EVERYTHING!!! from walking 2 miles a day, to running 10 sets of bleachers, to having my membranes stripped!


my mom comes in on sunday and has to leave on saturday...can he PLEASE come while she is here??!!

put a good one in for me in your prayers...i've been really good...i need to not be pregnant any more. and i really want my mom to not miss this baby being born...

is this too much to ask? seriously?

Monday, June 8, 2009

a bowl of cherries

i love a TON of things about summer:
*sleeping in*
*fruit, fruit, and more yummy fruit*
*no schedule*
*long days*
*baseball games*
*the beach*
*green grass*
*town celebrations*
*capris & bermuda shorts*
*fresh cut grass*
*berry picking*
*tractor rides*
*bike rides*
*flip flops*
*good movies*
*sparklers & smoke bombs*
*homemade ice cream*
*day trips*
*walks in the metro parks*
*playing catch*
*wienie roasts*

oh, i'm sure i'll think of a million more. we LOVE the summer time out here! i feel like we totally deserve the awesome summers we get out here after putting up with the yucky winters. we are trying to take advantage of everything we can. hopefully baby comes soon so he can enjoy this fun summer with us too {wink, wink}!