Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ohio Star

my goal for my hiatus from school {my 6 week christmas break} was to finish this "Ohio Star" quilt i've been chippin' away at. I FINISHED! G's preschool teacher last year showed me this pattern and i thought to myself, "i sure need an ohio star quilt before i leave ohio!" apparently most states have a quilt pattern unique to their state. my quilting friend, wanda, told me that she has a different quilt for her bed for each season. i love this idea and decided to make this one red and white for the christmas through valentine's season. i couldn't resist throw pillows and shams to match. i'm also in love with the polka dots on the back {moda dottie} and my cute striped binding {hobby lobby special}.
here is the tutorial for the flower pillow, courtesy of my talented friend {who showed me the quilting ropes} Allison.
these lovelies i created from an old sheet with my ruffler foot

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Dress

I really do love having an excuse to stay inside and sew {i mean clean..wink}. Hobby Lobby had McCall's patterns on sale for $1 ea. the other day, and so I bought a few to try out. This is pattern # M6157. I also made a summer dress too...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter is Here

{Matt took this picture of a bridge by our house}
we've received TONS of snow already this year {and i don't mind}...i think it's kind of beautiful. it's taken 4 years, but i like winter. i love watching the giant snowflakes fall while sitting inside my warm house snuggling with my family by the fire or working on projects.

J & G love making tracks and playing in the snow