Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my name is lara, and i'm a scrapaholic

okay...so i guess i'll have to show you one room at a time. here is my sanctuary...sigh...my office/craft room. i also have my sewing machine set up on the other side, but that part is not set up yet. we have been so blessed to have found this house. it's perfect. the sad thing is - by the time we move back to AZ, we will most likely have to downsize. any hoo...i am certainly enjoying the extra space for the next 4 years. i love having a room that i can shut off from the rest of the house, especially two little ones who love to "scrapbook" too. it is is a room off the basement, and the basement is a huge play room for the kids - so it's perfect because the kids can play while i work! i can edit photos, design paper, and more right next to my kids. i love it!!! the pink chair, metal hanging pots, and brown and white storage boxes are from ikea. my desk is from pottery barn, and the paper shelves are from my boss, tara. dream street papers didn't need them any more, and she said i could have them. the shelf to the right of my desk is a garage sale treasure painted white (got it for 5 bucks!) matt jokes with me that i have my own little store down here. well, call it what you want, but it's perfect!