Thursday, February 11, 2010

show love to the forgotten

in honor of my favorite month, it's important to show love to everyone, but especially those who are perhaps a little forgotten. when i was a school teacher, i always made friends with the custodians. i did this for one of two reasons, one, i liked getting to know everyone i worked with, and two, it's amazing how many wonderful perks you get as a teacher when you are buds with the custodian. {like the year that i kept barfing b/c i was pregnant with my little J, and i would puke in a little garbage can right outside my classroom door. he would empty it for me that's love people!} i feel that there are some thankless jobs out there done by real people with real hearts. most of these jobs the world could not function without. we decided to bake some cookies {and tromp up my long snowy driveway} to give to J's bus driver. i'm pretty sure it made him feel real good...

red velvety goodness

so, i always just use good 'ole
for the cake part.
{why reinvent the wheel, right}
when i try to make this cake from scratch it always tastes bitter
b/c of all the red coloring you have to put in it.

just follow directions on the box and let cool before frosting

then i add this frosting:
{my grandma salmon makes it every valentine's day}

over med. heat, mix together
1 Cup milk
1/2 Cup flour
stir constantly until it forms a pudding-like texture
let cool to room temp

beat in separate bowl cream together:
1/2 C up softened butter
1 Cup powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

slowly add pudding mixture
and whip until all combined
{i sometimes add more powdered sugar to thicken it up}

{the frosting isn't my fav by itself...but oh so yummy on this cake!}

Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh what to do in the winter time???

seriously, how many ways can you say cloudy??? the sun don't shine here in cleveland, folks. the only way i can stay sane is to craft and's my latest:

i finally finished the binding on this apple quilt i've been working on. oh, it's so cheerful. i love snuggling under it.

i painted up this cute ladder-back chair i found for cheap, cheap at the antique shop. {it works great for my computer desk}.
i made some bibs and a bumper for super baby. i tried to not have a bumper at first b/c the doc says they are dangerous, but now that he's contains the binkis in the crib...serious life saver!

want something to do? come craft with me. i love company. i'm always here for super baby's naps!