Thursday, January 21, 2010

back in the saddle

i know..i'm crazy, but i just started this week on a master's program through ASU online. it's a masters in Instruction and Curriculum for Early Childhood Education. my undergrad is in early childhood education...and i've always wanted to get my masters so on a whim in november i applied and got in! i have really always wanted to teach on the college level (although i did love my kindergarten and first grade classes). i think 1 or 2 college classes a year is much more on my level of working now that i have 3 littles of my own. i really enjoy staying home with them, and would like to be with them as much as possible.

also, i love the dr. laura show, and have secretly always wanted to be a "dr. lara" too. a master's is really one more step toward that doctorate (which is really my end goal). i know, like i said before, i'm crazy. so we'll see how this next year and a half goes. i will graduate the same time as matt! YIPPPEEEEE! (we better be going on some sweet graduation trip when we are done is all i have to say!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

real nice

*super baby got to meet santa for the first time this year...i think he liked him!*
i thought pictures with santa were a no go this year, but santa called me and said he would be in the neighborhood on CHRISTMAS DAY!!! instead of telling santa what they wanted this year the kids got to thank him for what he brought them...i think i liked this way better!

{it's fun to tell the kids that santa called me and that i have his phone's great leverage!}