Sunday, March 16, 2008

i wash my hands of this snow stuff

so this is what i've got (see above), and this is what i'm longing for (see below)so i know that i haven't been as good as a blogger as usual, but seriously...i've got nothin! we are stuck in the rut of winter...STILL!!! nobody told me that the sun don't shine for 6 months out of the year here!!! i've realized just how much of a sun baby i really am. and it doesn't help that this is hands down my favorite time in arizona right now because all the orange trees are blossoming, and it is the best smell in the world, not to mention, the weather is FABULOUS and not FREEZING! yeah, today was a whopping 30 degrees...i was boycotting the cold and wore a pink skirt with no nylons to church...and all my leg hair grew back in the short walk from the car to the church b/c my goose bumps wouldn't go away!

so i'm sorry about the griping, but i miss the sun, and i miss my arizona! i'm ready for this weather to CEASE!!! but the locals tell me that we should get at least one more big storm before spring actually hits...and there is usually no gr
een until mid may, arghhh!

on a good note though, i made a new years resolution to exercise at least 4 days a week, and i've been sticking to it. i actually crave it. i know when i'm getting cranky with my kids, that all i need is a good work out. so here's the deal...we were signed up with a community center, but with an address mix up, we got kicked i decided that i wanted my own elliptical. so had a $75 rebate on this baby in december, so i bought this for myself for christmas. it was $350...but my community center pass was $290 a year, plus extra for babysitting, so pretty much this is worth paying for
a year at the community center.
I work out Mon-Friday at 4 pm, because that is when this awesome show, SUPER WHY, is on PBS, and it's educational (Jack is actually sounding out words because of it) no guilt there, and this is the only show that my kids stay glued for the full half hour. so i put 30 of my fav songs on my new i pod shuffle (thanks mom and dad), and have a full half hour to myself, not to mention the burning of 300 calories! i totally can't quit until the calorie meter says over 300 calories...I always want to quit right around the time the meter says 215, but i keep going.