Monday, June 30, 2008

jack's temple talk

{i distressed this picture of the mesa, arizona temple to hang in my house}

jack was asked to give a talk in primary (sunday school for kids age 3-12) about temples, so as i was coaching him through the talk, i would whisper things in his ear, and he would say them. he was doing a great job with speaking clearly into the microphone, and was not shy at all. we brought in pictures of temples all around the world, and told the children all about the special things that we use temples for...
*learn about Heavenly Father's plan for us
*perform special ordinances for our ancestors
*get married for forever, for eternity
then, at the end of the talk i whispered for jack to repeat, "i know that temples are special places and someday i want to get married in one like my mom and dad." well, jack started by saying, "i know temples are special," but then he stopped. so i repeated the rest of the statement thinking that he just forgot the rest of the words. but jack just stood there. so i whispered it a third time a little louder, but this time he squished his lips together and shook his head. i prodded him to say it, but he turned around to me and said, "i'm not saying that!" by this point the audience started to chuckle because they could hear my "loud" whisper, so they knew what i had wanted him to say, and it was funny that he wouldn't say it. so i took the liberty to say in the microphone, "and someday jack wants to get married in the temple." then jack says, "no i don't, i don't ever want to get married." i couldn't help but laugh, and the audience thought this was quite funny. after we sat down, i asked jack why he didn't want to get married, and he said, "girls have cooties, and i don't want to marry one!"
i'll just have to tuck this story away for later when he is 16 and thinking that girls don't have cooties!