Monday, July 21, 2008

drumroll please.....

k, so i just got back in from chicago ( i was at {cha}, the scrapbook mega trade show ), and i thought, i've got to draw some names!!! let me just tell you ladies, that i was so excited to hear what your ideas were. i even shared them with my team for ideas for the next release. we want to design what you want!!! so thank you so much. i have to say that most of you are DYING for some boy paper, 78.2% to be exact. (i took the percentage from your comments) so, hmmm, i thought to myself...let's see if i can get a TOTALLY RAD boy paper in the works! although, i have to say that i got some FABULOUS ideas from you all. i'm tucking them away in my back pocket. i always am working on several lines at once, so stay tuned for a new release in january!

so here are the 2 lucky ladies:

CONGRATS LADIES!!! just email me with your address, and i'll get that stuff sent out!

thanks again everyone who posted and gave me tons of ideas that i hope to incorporate into many of my papers. keep scrapping!

i know for my az friends that scrapbook etc (on lindsay and university) bought CARMA, and for those who need to order online, go to:
A Cherry on top
**it might take a week or two for them to get it in, so check then! i can't wait to see what you come up with!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a new line.....

****keep reading, there is a prize involved!********
twice a year, i get to design a line of paper for a scrapbook company called dream street papers. i like to name each line after someone important to me in my life. this time i chose the name CARMA - my mother-in-law's first name. she is a very important person to me, not only for the wonderful grandma she is to my children, but most importantly because she raised the most important person to me in my life, my sweet matt. i LOVE her for raising a wonderful man, and 5 other wonderful children that i not only call family, but also dear friends. if i could use one word to describe carma lee, it would be BRIGHT - thus the collection of bright colors in this line. all of my lines thus far have been created to fill a need. i wanted a cute zebra pattern, and couldn't find here is what i came up with! this line was so fun to work with! hopefully you will see it in a store near you! if not, tell your store you WANT it!!!

also, now is the time for me to start my next line...but i'm a little stumped, so this is where the prize comes in. i want everyone to leave me a comment of what you would LOVE to see in your local scrapbook store that is not already there. at the end of july, i will put all the names of the people who comment on my blog into a bowl and pull out 2 winners. i will send you a goodie box full of dream street stuff! also, if you leave more than one comment, your name will go in the drawing for as many ideas as you leave! thanks, and i look forward to hearing what you are wishing to have! check back on july 21st for the winner!

i took these pictures of my neighbor's baby

our family picture on the beach

gracie and her sunglasses

swinging at the park

you have your papa's {john's} smile

my little poser