Monday, June 28, 2010

summer fair

every year our town has a homecoming fair in june. there's rides, good food, fireworks...and all sorts of good old-fashioned fun. it takes place up the road for us, so we all loaded up on our bikes and road our way to fun memories for the last four summers we've been here. this is another last for us. last time at the fair (sniffle, sniffle). we enjoyed shaved ice, funnel cakes, gyros, rides and games. there was also a live band playing oldies but goodies. this is the perfect summertime event.

i snapped this as the kids were looking at the rides and taking it all in. oh to be a kid again.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my favorite place in ohio

{G and our little friend picking raspberries}

we went berry picking this last week and i'm already dying to go back. let me paint you a picture. the drive to the farm is windy roads through the country. the minute i stepped out of my car, the smell of sun-kissed strawberries fills the mouth starts watering. the breeze is blowing our hair and the vista is breathtaking. we are on the top of the highest hill in the area so we can see a small valley below. we pick these yummy strawberries and the juice just runs down our chins. little puppy just planted himself in the middle of the patch and would pick his own strawberries, put the whole thing in his mouth and then spit out the stem. his shirt was covered in strawberry juice. next we plucked raspberries from their plants...oh so yummy. i'll be going back very soon.

{thanks jenny for the pictures, you are amazing}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my little one is one


his daddy {and mommy too...but maybe daddy a little bit more}
pull/push toys
playing outside
to laugh/giggle/chuckle {it's the best}
taco soup
beans {super baby thinks it's the "magical fruit"}
graham crackers
to swing
play with J and G
pizza {his i a bad mother?}

out {he said it all the way to virginia}
what's that {sounds like a whisper of "wasat"}

climb in the dishwasher
throw balls
wave hi and bye
go from sitting to standing
climb UP stairs, but fall down them

i LOVE cupcakes!
this pan is my fav! i've used it over and over again.
you want my cute cupcake pan?
go {here}

Thursday, June 3, 2010

going green {in style}

well, i had a little break from school, so again, i finished some projects. i saw this adorable market bag posted on my friend, tracy's, blog. while i haven't taken this beauty to the "market", i have used it at costco and the pool. i really love this little diddy. thanks for the idea, tracy! i love frill, so i felt the need to add that cute little flower.
i used 3 balls of lily brand, sugar n' cream from joann's.

here is another project that i was inspire by my friend emily. i saw her at church with a cute embellished shirt. i bought 2 green shirts from old navy {one of my favs} for $5 each. i bought my size and an extra large so i'd have fabric to work with. on the extra large shirt, i cut off the bottom band with my rotary blade and then cut 1 inch strips. i snipped off 1 seem and wound some flowers together. i started in the center of the flower, and then worked my way behind and around. i created the flowers separate and then tacked them {sewing by hand} to my shirt. it turned out so cute!