Monday, April 30, 2007

miss kate

today i finished a project for miss kate, jack's preschool teacher and soon-to-be-mommy for the third time. she is being induced the day after preschool! (it reminds me of when wendy and i taught preschool up until we were 9 months pregnant and wendy had her baby a few days after preschool). tomorrow is jack's last day at preschool. he will really miss his teacher, and so will i. she has become a good friend to me as well. our boys played football together, and our kids did swimming lessons together too. we are just beginning the many "lasts" of things here in az. kate is now one of the many reasons i am sad to leave. she has become a great friend and we have lots in common. i just love her and her positive outlook on life. hopefully we keep in touch and pick up where we left off when we return to good ole' az. by the way...these are birp cloths, bibs, and a diaper and wipee holder. i had fun making them...especially because they are for a dear friend.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

twilight, it will suck you in

i realized that i haven't updated for so long! a week and a half is a long time for me! one of the many reasons it has taken me a while is this new book by stephenie meyer. this is one of my all time favorite reads in my life, seriously. right up there with harry potter. like jk rowling, stephenie meyer makes you fall in love with the characters in a way that makes you feel like the characters are your best friends. both books i mentioned are in the young adult section of the book store, maybe i still secretly wish i was a teenager or something (not really, but sometimes!) this book is all about a girl named, bella who moves from phoenix to a small town in oregon, forks. she moves in with her dad and doesn't expect to find anything remotely interesting in forks. it rains all the time, and it's a small town. well, she meets a boy named edward, falls in love, and realizes he is a vampire. that's all i'm going to say besides...READ IT. it will suck you in! i love this quote by paul sweeney, "You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend." i literally dreaded the last chapter of twilight because that meant it would be over. luckily the second of the series, new moon, is out right now too (i read it in two days...i know, i didn't get anything else done!) the third one comes out in august, and the fourth in fall 2008...i can't wait. i feel like bella and edward are my friends...stephenie meyer is amazing and inspiring to me as a writer.