Sunday, June 19, 2011

Super Boy is 2

I just can't get enough of this SUPER boy. He has brought so much joy to our family. It's hard to believe that two years have passed since he came to us. He has such a fun personality. He's always laughing at everything and is always showing off his toothy grin. He loves cars and especially motorcycles {hmm, wonder why}. He also loves playing ball...any and all kinds! Super boy is a great snuggler and likes to give "loves". He is OBSESSED with his daddy and he is lost without him {Matt has been gone for 1 week now at officer training camp in San Antonio, TX...5 more to go!} Super boy loves fishy crackers and all sorts of fruit. His new fav is "wa-wa-mel-mo" {aka - watermelon}. Super boy loves to dance and has always had the beat since he was a baby. Super boy also loves his Nerf dart gun and can already cock and shoot. He loves all things boy. He has already had several hair cuts in his short life...and I just had it cut, but that poof ball needs a trim again!

We made some yummy red velvet cupcakes to eat here at my mom's house with our family for a little party.

Oh my goodness, we love this face!

The kids wore their super shirts in honor of SUPER BOY! 
I'm TOTALLY dying without my computer!  I have no photoshop and my pics take forever to load!  It's all on a boat to Germany {I hope!}  So bear with me as I post not the most super pics!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

America, the Beautiful

On our drive, we came across many beautiful views. We live in a beautiful country. It was a cool experience to drive across the US. Our kids were awesome and our cars all worked well. Our trip couldn't have been more perfect.   We drove from Ohio to Michigan, to Illinois, through Iowa to Nebraska, to Colorado, then to Utah {stayed with our bro & sis}, then on to AZ.  Matt and I drove our van to San Diego, CA the day after we got to AZ.
The picture above is Big Rock Candy Mountain somewhere between UT and AZ.

There were so many beautiful mountains along the way. Each was majestic in its own right. Although I LOVED Ohio, I did miss the mountains.

We drove over the Colorado Rockies at sunset. That mountain range is beautiful.
We drove through Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO.

Then we stopped at a rock shop I remember going to when I was a kid. My kids had fun choosing rocks to add to their own collection. Yes, I was a MAJOR rock collector as a kid. My collection really helped me with my Geology unit the years I taught kindergarten!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I feel like I have so much to say about this beautiful place and about the crazy life we have been living these last few weeks. Movers packed up our Ohio home May 24 and 25 {a sweet perk of the military! I never want to pack myself again!!} My kids said goodbye to their teachers and friends. We pulled them out a bit early. As I went to pick my kids up for the last time, it was a bit emotional leaving Chippewa Elementary. We have absolutely LOVED our time there. The teachers are amazing. I cried a lot as I saw my home for the last time and hugged people who have changed my life goodbye.

Luckily, our drive out west entailed some amazing stops. We first stopped in Michigan, then Nauvoo, IL. This small town consists of many historical sites where the first Latter Day Saint pioneers moved after being chased out of Kirtland, OH and Far West, Missouri. As we saw this beautiful town and listened to the amazing stories of those who have gone on before us in our church, my testimony grew and my appreciation deepened.

We were able to make a rope the way the pioneers did as a family. This was a neat experience for us. After we finished making the rope we talked to our children about the significance of this activity. One strand of rope might easily break apart, but when we worked together and tightened the six different strands, this rope was tight and would not break. Matt and I thought a great family motto would be "tight as a rope". As long as we are together, we will never break. Super boy was excited to hold our special rope.

I was able to capture some shots at sunset. J & G had a great time playing in the Missouri River. The statues are Joseph and Hyrum Smith riding off to Carthage Jail where they would later be martyred.

We stayed in the Zion's Merchantile Hotel. It was lovely. It was a great home for the night, since we are technically homeless at the moment.