Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First German Fall

So, although I totally miss Ohio's AMAZING falls, Germany's are not to shabby! The colors have been gorgeous. The weather has been wonderful {60's}. Here are the kidlets in the leaves, I couldn't decide which one to put up, so I just put up a bunch. Life is good. I still feel like we are trying to get in our groove, but we can't complain. I'm thankful for family, fall, and fun times ahead.


Auburn said...

ALL so cute, but holy cow, Sam's smiles and his face is killin' me! So adorable! Miss you guys. Cannon asked yesterday when we could visit Jack & Grace's house and I thought . . . in about $6,000 . . . that's when we can visit . . . !!

The monkey bunch said...

Ok, just peeked onto this post and saw that you came from Ohio. That's where we are stationed right now. Crazy!