Friday, March 23, 2007


yesterday it rained all day here in mesa! (we needed it so bad...we always need it). our backyard was practically flooded today, and the kids wanted to go play in the puddles. lucky for them they had these fabulous rain galoshes! they both love their "boots". they wear them everywhere. we went to the doctor on wednesday to have the kids' well checks (gracie's 18 month...she's 22 1/2 months & and jack's 3 year...he'll be four in july - at least we got there!) anyway...the doctor said, where are your froggie and lady bug boots? my kids normally always wear them (yes, i let them wear them in public...i learned in one of my early childhood development classes at byu that if you let kids have some freedom in their apparel then they grow up more creative, and creativity leads to smartness...or something like that!) i know my kids are smart because they have huge heads! the doctor told us that jack is in the 95 percentile for height, weight, and off the charts for head! (he basically has a head the size of a 6 year-old) gracie, she said was a bit of a runt weighing in at the 45 percentile for height and weight, but her head was in the 95 percentile. i started thinking that with a big head and a little body, she's a bit of a lolly pop! my doctor said that the head is shaped the way the brain big heads equal big brains. also, big brains are linked with higher there you go. let your kids wear galoshes and don't be sad if they have huge heads. i like to make the same jokes made on "so i married and ax murderer"...head, it's got its own weather's like an orange on a toothpick. i love my 95th percentile headed children! I love how this picture shows their knees. jack has such short legs that gracie's knees and his are almost at the same level.