Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rolling Ridge Ranch

Just when I'd thought we'd seen all there is to see in Amish country...we found ANOTHER amazing spot. This ranch was AWESOME!! First we walked through a petting zoo where the kids got to hold and pet all sorts of baby animals. Then we went on this hour long wagon ride where the animals came right up to the wagon to eat out of our hands...amazing. My kids were giggling and squealing with delight the whole time.

Super boy loved the baby ducks. I love how he is checking out his wing in this one.

Proof that I was there to love having my 5-year-old take the picture with my huge lens and camera...she did pretty good {even if she did cut off my head}

Little pretty, who is my animal lover, with a baby goat.

This little rascal {along with his big brother and our friends} chased the animals so they would run away from him.

Ohhh...cute cow

"Laaaa-ma face" {has anyone seen The Emperor's New Groove?}

I took a bazillion pictures of all the amazing animals we saw. Not pictured was a camel, zebra, zedonk {half zeebra, half donkey}, and a crocodile.

This peacock was amazing! The colors are so vibrant.

Aflac...doesn't he look like that duck?!

These are pictures from our wagon ride. It was quite the experience. This is our Amish tour guide. The animals were hungry!

Super boy kept pointing to all the animals saying, "Am-mal"

This water buffalo blew snot on Super's face! It was funny!

The ostrich kept pecking at G's food.

We lost our bucket to this guy!

I caught him licking his lips after we fed him, funny.


Auburn said...

Looks like such a fun time! You're going to miss Amish Country, but you have so much to look forward to in GERMANY!!!

Kristin said...

wow! Looks like a BLAST! and that peacock is beautiful.

Randee Mecham said...

You are always finding great things to do here! I want a picture of a peacock like that, beautiful. I love the picture of the parrot too and the one where J looks so surprised!

Tami Allred said...

Very Cool! Ok so that first pic looks like he's squeezing a wee bit too hard but apparently not.
Love that there were so many different animals and not just bunnies, and goats. My favorite are those baby llamas. So adorable you and your kids are. :-)

BriAnne and Micah said...

Wow! Summer would just love that! Now all we need to do is a hop skip and a jump over to Amish Country. haha! What fun experiences you have with your family, you are such a good mom!