Saturday, May 7, 2011

Holland, Michigan

Yes, you read that right! There is a Holland, Michigan that was settled by the Dutch. We had fun and look forward to visiting the real Holland, real soon (still totally pinching myself!) These shots are straight out of the photoshop. The colors are that vibrant. That unreal! They almost look neon, some of them. There was even a 250-year-old working windmill transported from the Netherlands. My two older children and hubs went up to the top (although he is super, my almost 2-year-old we knew couldn't hack the stairs and we forgot our back pack for him). Luckily I could be at the bottom to take a fun pic of them on top. I LOVE tulips. There are so many varieties (I don't even know all the names). I think they are the epitome of spring (along with daffodils). We had a great time.

We also enjoyed this fun road trip with our great friends, the Gildea's and the Andrews'. We feel so blessed to have these wonderful families as our good friends. (I hate that I'm leaving them!! I wish they could come to Germany with me!!) The kids all had so much fun even just staying at the hotel. Breakfast was yummy and FREE! Love that Residence Inn! Thanks for the fun, friends.

This salmon color is my fav...especially next to that blue sky.

Oh, there they are on the tippy-top!

Super boy kept on his glasses the whole time. He gets the sneezes when he goes into the sun and his baby blues are VERY sensitive! He wanted a picture in front of the flowers.

sweet G in front of the windmill

J {I know he looks like the uni-bomber...} spinning a little windmill


Tami Allred said...

Never been there, but its on my bucket list. I totally agree with you about daffodils and tulips out here. They are my favorite too. You just take such great shots too.
side note - Yes your lil primary girl Molly is growing up - amazing huh?

Diana Waite said...

oh, my goodness!!! TOTAL eye candy--SO awesome that there was no photoshop--just beautiful!