Sunday, April 24, 2011


Spring is FINALLY springing! {just with TONS of rain}
I love Easter. We have had a great weekend with people that we love.
We decorated eggs, had an egg hunt at church, and attended a beautiful service this morning.

Here is my rainbow egg that I was proud of!

J's "pink panther" egg

G's rainbow egg

the kidlets in the gym at church after the hunt

super boy taking time to eat {I mean hunt} for eggs
I made their Easter baskets by following the "'soft basket" pattern from HERE
then I added a 1 handle instead of 2


Tami Allred said...

Very nice rainbow eggs, mine just turned out tyedye looking, I give up.

Auburn said...

I'm totally impressed with the rainbow egg.

Cheryl said...

Sam's hair is so cute. And Grace looks a lot like Katie in that picture of them in the church cultural hall.

Kristi said...

Our egg dying experience was entertaining to say the least... Your rainbow egg is adorable, as are your soft baskets. And also your children. :o) We're counting the time til we see you guys!

Krissi said...

little Sam kills me, especially his hair. he is so cute. Em was all about getting the candy out and leaving a trail of shells behind too. Good luck with the move coming up and congrats to matt on finishing!

Tracy said...

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family. They are growing so quickly! I love your top, daffodil image with text. gorgeous. Kaylyn just came home from Germany on Sunday, judging by her observations, stories and photos you are going to LOVE it there, you lucky girl! xxoo