Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clelveland Top 10


10. Handel's - So this post isn't all about ice cream, but here in the US, it's the best we've EVER had! We love this little joint. The ice cream is all homemade and only 5 minutes from my house...trouble. We are sure going to miss you Handel's!!!

{they even put little eyes on the FREE kiddie cone for super boy.}

9. The Indians' Games - Sports are SO MUCH FUN out here! We just attended a game last Friday where the last guy to bat {bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, 2 strikes, and down by one point} hit a homer with another player on 2nd base. It was perfect. Everyone in the crowd was hugging each other and sharing high fives. My kids had fun high-fiving our fellow Indian's fans all around us. I love the fanatical fans. They also have the BEST fireworks' show I have EVER seen.

8. The Wildlife - We see deer, squirrels, and a variety of birds on a daily basis. My kitchen window looks into a wooded area next to our house and I see birds like blue jays and cardinals. I watch the squirrels gathering acorns for the winter. Deer are constantly walking in our back yard and drinking from the pond near our house.

7. Playhouse Square - We have really loved the wonderful theater district in Cleveland. It's the largest outside of Broadway, you know! We have seen: Wicked, Les Miserables, Mama Mia, South Pacific, and STOMP there. The theaters are so lavishly built and decorated and the shows just amazing.

6. Amish Country - We LOVE visiting Holmes County. The Amish are so clean and kind and just plain fascinating. They have the best food and great stores.

{I picked up this Granny's Garden quilt top all hand-pieced by my Amish to quilt it}

5. The Metro Parks {The Emerald Necklace} - Oh, we have loved riding bikes and going for walks and hikes in the amazing parks right by our house. My kids enjoy the "really tall swings" and seeing the beautiful wildlife.

4. Springtime - All the daffodils and blossoms are AMAZING. I just love magnolia trees. They are my favorite! Spring really feels like a rebirth and a renewal of life.

3. The Fall Colors - Oh my goodness is this unreal and gorgeous! I have never experienced something quite like this. I LOVE Ohio falls. The colors sometimes take my breath away.

2. Our Yard - we have the BEST backyard. It stretches on forever. My kids have enjoyed it so very much. Riding dirt bikes and tractors, playing soccer and tag, and having good 'ole hot dog roasts are among a few of the things are yard has enabled us to do.

1. The People - I have met people here that I will never forget. I have best friend's that are like sisters to me {who I know I'll see again...just not every day...hate that}. I have friends who are parents of my children's classmates that I love dearly. I have many friends and examples that I have looked to from people that attend church with me. My friends come in all ages. I will miss you the very most. You are my Ohio. My kids have also learned to be the "new kid" and make friends easily. They have been blessed with wonderful friends in their lives just like Matt and I have. Not to mention that I love mid-westerners. The people out here are so friendly. Now let me go cry myself to sleep. Also, don't forget our little Cleveland souvenir, Sam.


Stacey said...

Ohio is such a special place to us too. Its hard to say goodbye. Even after a year we still both miss it so much and talk about the fun times we had there with great friends all the time. Congrats to you and Matt. Happy Graduation!! Can't wait to see you this summer!

Stacey said...

We MISS our backyard SO MUCH!

Tami Allred said...

What a great tribute to your life in Ohio. I love all your pics, especially the one of you jumping from the swing and then this last one of your sweet lil baby. You sure made the best of things while attending school. Your next adventure will be great too, I'm sure.

Randee Mecham said...

Love your list!! We have been blessed to live somewhere so great!

That last picture is priceless.

Auburn said...

Such fun things! Great pictures (as always). Can't wait to see you SOON!!

Tracy said...

Wonderful way to document your memories - many of your favorites were ours too. And we have a Cleveland souvenir, too - Kaylyn!

Brad and Meghan Miner said...

It was fun to see the special things you enjoyed about Ohio. We are way excited to see you in a few months. See you soon!