Friday, March 26, 2010

seems to me

so i'm just really loving this awesome book from the library! i am still finding many cute projects to do from it! here's a cute apron that i made with a pattern from seems to me.
sewing is such a release to me! there's nothing like reaping the benefits from a finished project. it was so fun to make chocolate chip cookies with it on. {it totally made the cookies taste better}. although i feel a bit out of place without heels and pearls {i guess i'm not quite that perfect little 50's wife!}


Diana said...

LOL! you crack me up...pearls & heals....I LOVE aprons! They DO make everything taste better! :)

Tami Allred said...

cute!! I have a friend out here from the South and she wears her pearls all the time... even camping. I about died when I saw it and almost blogged about her cuteness, maybe someday I will.
You do such fun projects. :-)