Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my little projects, fabric balls

so this week has been "spring break" for me with my masters program. with all my free time (ha, ha) and apart from being really sick, i've finished a few projects that i wanted to get done. i also started some new ones...sheesh.

my first project was to make my boy some balls. he is growing up so fast!

i checked the book out SEEMS TO ME from my local library and found so many cute patterns in it! hopefully i'll finish the other ones i want to.

any who, i found the hexagon/pentagon ball pattern in that book. it's like a giant soccer ball, and all my kids love it.

and here is the link for the beach balls, which were easier...but i'm glad i made both. super baby loves them.


Beckstead Family said...

Lara I want to be you when I grow are AMAZING!

Amy Teets said...

He's sooo big!!!