Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Norway: Sognefjord

Next we traveled to Sognefjord.  This is the longest fjord in Norway and in Europe too.  If we had to choose, we would say this was our favorite place.  The house we stayed in was right on the water.  We had to hike down a slippery slope to get there {and have the bruises to prove it}, but it was worth it! There were even Rainier cherries growing on trees right by our house.  Those are our fav!  We helped ourselves to a bucket of them every morning and brought them on the road for a snack.  The house was lovely.

Everywhere we went Katie and I felt like we were in Jurassic Park!  Waterfalls were in abundance along the mountains and the foliage was so very green.  We loved seeing grass grow on the roofs of the houses.  We took many scenic drives, ferries, and one of the most popular scenic railways in the world:  Flåm Railway.  Every corner we turned was breathtaking.  On one of our drives we went to the top of the mountain where there were many glaciers and the water was a glowing aqua.

We also went on a hike up to a goat farm.  We saw many goats, horses, waterfalls, we picked wild strawberries, and took a sip from a mountain spring along the way.  Once we got up top, the farmer's wife fed us Norwegian pancakes, strawberry jam, hot chocolate made from goats' milk, and some freshly made Norwegian brown goat cheese.  This was one of our favorite days.

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Brianna :) said...

Hello! What a fun blog. Are you still in stuttgart or have you moved on? I just got here a month ago. Im wondering what ward you went to or wondering how to find out info of where I should go if I want to attend church. Looks like you guys have had a blast. I can't wait to travel around when we have free time. Thanks :)