Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Norway: Oslo

We were so excited to hit Norway. We drove all the way there and I'm so glad we did so we wouldn't miss all the beauty as we drove.  These first pictures are of the Viking Museum outside of Oslo.  There were real Viking ships in there.  They found this first one floating in the ocean still intact.  My kids were excited to see this and even more excited that their ancestors were vikings!

Next you can see picture of a lake with what looks like wood floating in the water.  These are islands that the vikings built that are still there.  They would use them to float things too.  This lake was right by the house where we stayed.

Next you'll see our awesome pictures from the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park.  We thought we were so funny as we posed just like our naked friends!  "The Angry Boy" is the most famous statue in this park and that is the baby that Sam is holding his hand.

We also enjoyed a nice stroll one day as we picked up some fresh strawberries from the market and fed some cows along our walk.  We also saw several slugs...eww...  Super boy took the best naps in his stroller too.

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Anne said...

what a great trip! The statue pictures are too funny!