Monday, August 20, 2012

Denmark, Copenhagen

We were so excited to get to Scandinavia.  We actually drove all the way across Germany to Denmark, through Sweden to Norway.  We did a total of 3,000 miles driving.  This part of the world is gorgeous.  Many of our ancestors come from this region as well.  My dad's maternal line, the Aagard's, come from Denmark.  My great-great grandfather was even a guard to the King in Copenhagen.  It was fun to go there and wonder what his life was like.  My sister, Katie, came with us on this adventure, and we loved every minute with her.  We also went with our good friends, the Ponds.  {Thanks for letting us tag along!}  On our trip we stayed in little cabins along the way at campsites or rented homes from different individuals {from}.  This was a great way {and less expensive} to see Scandinavia!

In Copenhagen we went to the palace and watched the changing of the guard.  I love all the hearts on the towers and on their money.  We also went to a park called Tivoli.  We saw the Little Mermaid statue, which is a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen who comes from Denmark.  We also went to the Church of Our Lady, where Spencer W. Kimball saw the Christus statute that would later be replicated and put in some of our LDS temples.  We also decided that Denmark had the best European hotdogs!

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