Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

It's so magical how as soon as the tree goes up, there is such a happy feeling in the air. I love all that the this season brings into our lives. Over the years we've established a few of our own traditions. One of our favorites is our advent calendar {where we do something fun each day of December}. G even wrote about it during journaling time at school. Our newest addition "Stutty Rudy." He is our elf who watches to see if we are naughty or nice and he has a few tricks up his little sleeve. This morning he turned our milk green! The kids have fun finding him each morning. He came with the book, Elf on a Shelf, it's a great one! My kids picked "Stutty Rudy" for "Stuttgart" and "Rudolf". My kids are so creative, wink. We also joined in with the Germans for a tradition. On Dec. 6, St. Nicholaus will leave little treats and trinkets in the children's shoes if they set them out the night before. I {I mean, St. Nicholaus} took this picture after they went to bed. LOVE this season!

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Robin said...

I love your stocking advent calendar so much that this weekend I whipped up my own, it isn't quite as cute as yours and of course we are starting it on the 5th day of Christmas, but I'm so excited about it. You are always inspiring!