Monday, December 12, 2011

Christ Kindle's Markt {Nuremberg Christmas Market}

Nuremberg has the oldest Christmas Market in Germany, and a "kinder" or "children's" market too. We drove to Nuremberg for the weekend to enjoy the city, but especially this event. We've been told by fellow travelers that this is a site not to miss. This market did not disappoint! We really enjoyed several of the snacks and yummy food. We tasted "kinder punsch" which translates to Children's punch, and is basically spiced cider. They gave it to us in these cute boot mugs. In Germany, they serve drinks in real glasses and you are charged for the glass, and then you can get part of your money back if you return the glass. We kept the mugs because we are in need of some more hot chocolate mugs, and these will help us remember our fun times in Nuremberg! We also tasted the Nuremberg soft gingerbread {this is the cookie with the almonds on top}. It's called lebkuchen. I learned how to make these in a German cookie class I took. They are yum! We had chocolate dipped bananas, candied macademia nuts, dried pineapple {ananas}, and of course some brautwurst {my kids called them hotdogs...who cares, because they love them!} My children enjoyed watching toy trains, riding a double decker carousel, seeing all the lights, and gorging themselves on all the treats this Christmas market had to offer!

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