Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cleveland Doesn't Mess Around

When it comes to St. Patty's Day!
we made some clover cake pops to get us in the holiday spirit. we all LOVE green around here {but I'm a little afraid of they didn't visit our house}

then, we sent the older two off to school and went to the 144th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Cleveland with super baby {shhh...don't tell, but we really didn't want to miss it being our last time and all...144 years makes it the longest running SP parade in the US...who would have thunk that there were so many Irish here in Ohio?!} super baby waved to all the paradees who passed by.

apparently Irish REALLY love dogs...there were tons in the parade.

there were also many 'fife' players.

i just love that we got to see 'Lolly the Trolley'...isn't that just the best name for a trolley?


Kristi said...

Seriously? How did you get so lucky? I am so in love with that holiday! I need to visit Cleveland in March next time! WHOA! I can't believe those horses! Wow! I am in love with that parade. So cool!

Kristi said...

And I still need to make cake pops. I have had them, and I love them. And if I had a trolley, I would name it Lolly too! It would be a cute doggie name too. :o)

Tracy said...

I went to that parade when we lived in Cleveland! Crazy, huh?