Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Club 30

i know i've been a bad blogger, but we've been SO SICK! we've had every sick bug you can imagine. regardless, we still had a wonderful February. our highlight was my mom {Nana} coming to visit. she came out for my 30th {yeah, that's right} birthday. she stayed for one week and we cried when she left. it's so nice to have mom's come visit. the kids enjoyed snuggling in her bed in the morning {and sometimes snuck in during the middle of the night}. she also read them stories at night and stayed with them until they fell asleep. not to mention she did all my laundry and was constantly cleaning and helped my kids with their homework. Mom and I also enjoyed Anne of Green Gables {my all-time fav} and Amish country. we found raspberry cider down in Amish country and had to buy some...it reminded us of raspberry cordial on Anne of Green Gables. we also committed to going to Prince Edward's Island someday in Canada! We finished many projects, and just had a great time. It's so fun being adults with my mom and I consider her a great friend and confidant. thanks for coming all this way mom {she lives in AZ again}. WE LOVE YOU!

My BFF's {Jenny, Emily, & Tara} treated my mom and I to lunch at my favorite place, Miss Molly's Tea House, where we at yummy "girl food" {so named by my hubs}. We had a great time. Thanks girls, I love you more than I can say.
30 doesn't feel any different. {I actually thought I was turning 30 last year...that's how much I care!} All I know is that I hope to make my next 30 years {Heavenly Father willing} even better than the past 30. {and please let me have my mother's genes and look as great as her when I'm 51!} I have learned many lifes' lessons and I know many more are to come. So here's to "Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving" {coined phrase from the movie Thirteen Going on Thirty}.


Diana Waite said...

Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL friend! So glad you had a great time with the girls.

Kristi said...

You ARE thirty, flirty, and thriving! And a total babe! Maybe we'll have to have a sisters lunch here a little late this summer. Thirty is a very big deal after all. :o)

Tami Allred said...

Happy Belated Birthday and I adore your mom!