Tuesday, February 8, 2011


After my last 2 posts, I have a lot of questions that I hope to answer {and I don't know how to email you all back!}

First off...Germany!
We will be stationed at an army base where my husband will be "paying back" three years. The army paid for 3 years of his schooling plus gave us $$ to live on every month. {Anyone who is in dental school right now wondering how they are going to pay off loans might want to look into this!} So far, we've been nothing but pleased with this process. In January they sent us a list of bases that will need dentists in August. We were to send back with our top 5. We put Germany as number 1 and got it...lucky us! Matt has to go to officer basic training this summer in Texas while the kids and I "live" with my parents for June and July. Then we head over to Germany where Matt will be a dentist {& captain in the army} at the clinic on base taking care of soldiers and their families' teeth! The army will pay us a salary and give us a housing allowance to pay our rent and utilities. We also have complete health care coverage (sweet...I might have to have another baby!}

Ever since Matt's second year of dental school, when we signed up with the Army, we hoped and wished for the chance to go to Europe...now I pinch myself that it really is happening for us. We just get so excited about all the fun travel opportunities that will come our way.

**I will have a VERY comfy guest bed for friends who want to come see Europe...seriously...

Now...My OHIO STAR quilt:
*Here is a helpful tutorial for the star block
*Here is a great tutorial from my friend Allison at CLUCK.CLUCK.SEW for quilting {start to finish}
*I pieced and quilted this quilt on my Bernina {Artista 630} sewing machine. I got mine in September as a floor model for less than 1/3 of the original cost. I saved years for this puppy & I LOVE it. I used my Bernina Stitch Regulator {BSR} to help me quilt it. It's an investment, but I sew all the time...so a good machine was worth it to me.


Tami Allred said...

smart move on your part. Move to Europe while the kids are young, knowing you'll be back.

Rachel B said...

how exciting for you and Matt! very cool! hopefully you'll be back for our 20 year reunion. haha! good luck in Germany!

Kim said...

Hi cutie pie! Your mom was at my house the other night so it was good to hear all about your plans. I love your travel board and have no doubt you will visit every city/country listed.

I'm looking forward to catching-up when you are in AZ so see you this summer!

xx, Kim