Monday, April 19, 2010

we got the beat

our church had a dance this weekend and the theme was "high school reunion". it was so much fun {1} because i had a hot date and wasn't worrying about whether or not i was going to get asked to dance, and {2} because matt and i had no inhibitions and danced like maniacs with some awesome friends. i even made it to the last round of limbo and lost to my friend who is just under 5 feet...figures! i might have even karaoked to proud mary with 3 back-up singers. what a night!


Diana said...

ah... you two looks so CUTE!! Sounds like a fun time!

Auburn said...

how fun!!

Laura said...

Dances are WAY more fun when you're married and always have a dancing partner lined up.

Fun night! Glad you guys were there.