Friday, January 20, 2012

Spain: Bareclona

So, we found a steal on tickets for MLK weekend through Ryan Air. Our travel buddies, the Pond family, came along too. It was quite hilarious walking to our apartment in Old Town with all our luggage and 7 children. We drew a lot of attention. One man's face had a look of complete disgust (it was funny)...but most people were smiling. We enjoyed walking around this architecturally amazing city. We enjoyed many buildings built by Gaudi, including the Sagrada Familia (which is STILL being built and has been for the last 150 years). This church looks like a sand castle. It's the most unique one we've seen. Spain has its own triumphal arch, and also a coast. We enjoyed the sunshine, warmer weather, and speaking Spanish! Growing up in Arizona has made us very comfortable with Spanish speakers, and Matt's LDS mission to Peru helped him learn Spanish we found it easier to get around and understand things. Jack was so proud of his daddy speaking the language. It was fun to watch. We took a gondola over the city, enjoyed the Disney Channel in English, and even sat down and enjoyed a 1 EURO hamburger from good old McDondalds. There were many parks and fountains, and street entertainers galore! Also, sadly we were the objects of a pick-pocketer. Yup, they got my iPhone. Dang...we've always been so careful. Well, better my phone than my wallet. We also slipped into the ocean. My kids got their clothes all wet, so after I gave G my long socks and she wore her dry shirt upside down. The funny thing is, she thought her outfit was fun and could care less about her unusual appearance. We also went to the spot where the summer Olympics were held. My kids loved riding the subway, and we enjoyed walking through this bustling city. There were many beautiful mosaics and other art. We ate yummy pitas, waffles, gelato, and smoothies. I also got my Barcelona plate. It was a great trip.

The bad part was coming home because we left our keys in the Barcelona apartment, so we had to call a lock smith when we got back. 280 EUROS later...ouch. That was more than our flights over there!! Then we find that we have a leak in our upstairs bathroom, which shorted out half our lights in our house. Also, Matt's phone was laying in the direct line of the leak so his phone is ruined too! So, we have no lights in our bathrooms, no house key, and no phones...awesome. We all have our health, and we made it home in one piece. Let's focus on the positive.


Aunt Spicy said...

Okay. Thats it. Next time you go somewhere (doesnt matter how many families you are with) I want to tag along! I can be an extra set of hands/eyes to help with kids and luggage. I can be a permanent family photographer. I can entertain your kids. What a great trip! So glad you made it home safe! (Sorry about the locksmith, yikes!)

Jenny G said...

Sorry for all your misfortunes...but you were in Spain so I don't feel too bad for you:)

Anita said...

Lara- I have enjoyed reading about your travels through Europe and seeing your photos. Thank you for sharing them. What an adventure for your family. The one place I have been in Europe is Spain. We were there 2 yrs. ago to pick up Lindsay from her mission. I saw that you went to Montjuic. That is where the Barcelona mission pres. takes the new missionaries to look over the city as they arrive. Loved Barcelona and everything we saw in Spain. The architecture of Gaudi.... is wonderful. Did you experience spanish hot chocolate and churros? yum! If you didn't you'll have to go back :) So many wonderful places to see and experience. I believe you also mentioned "Pauls" bakery in one of your other posts. We went to Pauls in Barcelona - YUM! I wish your family well.