Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuscany, Day 5: Lake Como & Lake Lugano

On the way home, we decided to stop by these beautiful mountain lakes in Northwest Italy. The views were just lovely, and the drive was a super tight squeeze through the streets with our van. We had to pull the side view mirrors in so other cars wouldn't tag us. They just don't make Italian streets with Honda Odysseys in mind {what were they thinking hundreds of years ago...sheesh!} We saw our dream car too, an Porche Panamera Turbo, baby. {If we only had an extra 150 G's laying around!} I just love all the ancient architecture along the way as well. I might have cried a little on our way home. We LOVE Italy...but then I realized, I still live in Germany...ha ha.

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Tami Allred said...

cool pictures. Looks like so much fun. Next time you go you need to go Lago Magiano (sp) the town is Stressa. You will love it. Take a boat out to an island with the coolest quaintest Italian town ever. Just a suggestion.