Monday, September 12, 2011

Hohenzollern Castle

Living in Southeast Germany affords us many opportunities to see castles! This one was a beauty. People still live in this castle too. My mom and I took the kids here while Matt was at work. We even ate in a cafe in the castle. It was tons of fun. I'll tell you what wasn't tons of fun was the parking! My HUGE, American {well, technically it's Japanese} mini van is sometimes a pain in the neck to park. Well, in this parking lot, I parked it just fine, but then everyone parked all around me. I had about an inch on each side to try to get that baby out. I was sweating bullets and giving myself a stress headache to get that baby out of there. My mom was out of the van guiding me with how much room I had. This man was watching me the whole time, looking a bit stressed out himself, and when I was finished he clapped his hands together and gave me a German compliment. I was patting myself on the back too when that was through!

We had fun pretending we were pricking our finger on the castle or holding it. Super boy wouldn't smile {and flat out turned around} for the pictures...oh well. You can see different pictures while we were in the castle, and then a landscape shot of what we could see when we were up there. That village is very typical of Germany. There are lots of little villages nestled in between hills like that here.

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Tami Allred said...

OHMYGOSH! I had no idea that Germany was so gorgeous!