Tuesday, June 14, 2011

America, the Beautiful

On our drive, we came across many beautiful views. We live in a beautiful country. It was a cool experience to drive across the US. Our kids were awesome and our cars all worked well. Our trip couldn't have been more perfect.   We drove from Ohio to Michigan, to Illinois, through Iowa to Nebraska, to Colorado, then to Utah {stayed with our bro & sis}, then on to AZ.  Matt and I drove our van to San Diego, CA the day after we got to AZ.
The picture above is Big Rock Candy Mountain somewhere between UT and AZ.

There were so many beautiful mountains along the way. Each was majestic in its own right. Although I LOVED Ohio, I did miss the mountains.

We drove over the Colorado Rockies at sunset. That mountain range is beautiful.
We drove through Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO.

Then we stopped at a rock shop I remember going to when I was a kid. My kids had fun choosing rocks to add to their own collection. Yes, I was a MAJOR rock collector as a kid. My collection really helped me with my Geology unit the years I taught kindergarten!

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Tami Allred said...

I just love your pictures!