Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

this year for christmas eve we headed over to kirtland, OH to see hundreds of different nativities from all around the world. i snapped a few pictures of my favs. the picture above is one that i love. this truly depicts such a natural/real love for a baby. i love how joseph is kissing the sweet baby Jesus on his head. i love this. there were many nativities. some were large (as tall as J) and some were very, very small (we could only see the images through a magnifying glass). some were even made of unique materials like newspapers and pop cans. each and every one testified of the importance of the birth of a baby boy who came to save us all. each nativity shows how this one moment in time is so very important in every country, in every nation, in every heart.

matt told us to say "merry christmas" and then took the picture. i'm in mid sentence here...oh well, we got the picture! we also had a wonderful "Feliz Navidad" party with homemade tacos, tamales, and beans! yum! we are making this a new tradition, it was too fun and yummy. i learned how to make tamales from a wonderful, seasoned couple from church. this is one of the many wonderful things i've taken from ohio.

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Tracy said...

beautiful! I would have loved to have seen these displays. Merry Christmas!