Sunday, October 11, 2009

that midwest charm

we took a little drive {this shot is out my car widow while driving} to our favorite fall festival...this was our 3rd year there. it's become a bit of a tradition. it was the epitome of a perfect fall day. the air was crisp, the leaves were gorgeous...and the company {my family} was the best.


oh how we love the fall...sigh...

the clouds were amazing

wouldn't this be the best house to live in?

busy bees makin' their honey

feedin' some goats.

pickin' some pumkins

some gourdes and squash for good measure.

and we're pooped by the end.
you want my cute bear snuggly...go {here}.
thanks nana for the kept me so warm.
you want my super cute binki clip...go {here}.


Auburn said...

so dang cute! Makes me miss fall just a little bit, but I'm sure loving this cool arizona weather right now too!

Michelle Devine said...

That is absolutly gorgeous! I want to live there!

Aaron.Shara.Abby said...

Oh how I miss fall in New England. I thought I would get over it once I moved, but it just gets worse. Every single time fall comes around I miss it so much it almost makes me cry! Aaron and I always said we would live back there if we weren't so far away from family. There is nothing like the fall feeling! Have fun and enjoy it while it lasts!

Tracy said...

looks like home! pretty pics. : )