Tuesday, August 11, 2009

where credit is due

so i've found a few things that i just LOVE lately with this new little super baby that has just come into my life. so i'd like to share so others can share the love!

1. the ERGO baby carrier: this thing has been a LIFESAVER for me!!! it's not cheap, but it's TOTALLY worth the mula. i used the Baby Bjorn for my other two babes, but my back always hurt, and my chunka lunka kids didn't fit in them for very long. the ERGO can hold kids up to 40lbs with little strain on your back. my little lover boy always wants to be carried, and this works great! it can be used as a sling for when babies are newborns (with the newborn insert). when they get bigger they can either straddle you from the front, or ride on your back like a backpack. there are even video clips showing how to use these fancy-schmancy slings. let me tell you how comfy it is on my shoulders, and my back never tires. thanks so much to my sweet friends who went in together and bought it for me and my new little boy. (nope, not a pic of my hubby & me...though it looks real nice!)

2. this fabulous binki clip from LIZZIE JANE BABY {my hubby's aunt & cousins' business). one day i received a package with this adorable binki clip and burp cloths. it was SO NICE of them and really made my day. {thanks ladies!} i LOVE them and always get comments on how cute super baby's binki clip is. i know they have hooded towels and other way cute things!

3. BARE MINERALS so don't make fun of me, but during my middle-of-the-night feedings i watch infomercials...i'm often very tempted to buy the things that are being sold and i enjoy seeing all the new products out there, but i rarely give in. i always sleep on it, and some how i always come to my senses in the morning and decide i really don't need scissors that can cut through a penny or a zapper machine that will make anyone's thighs look amazing...however, this make up really looked great and the price was right. i hate foundation and have never worn it, but i have pregnancy patches all over my face and really felt that i wanted a more even skin tone. like most infomercial products, this came with a money back guarantee, so i felt like i could give it a shot. i was talking about buying it and talked about it with my mother-in-law...and come to find out she uses it and loves it too...after her testimony and the very convincing infomercial, i bought it. i have to say that i love it and since i have worn it i get compliments on my make up...i love the way it feels and looks on my face and it isn't goopy and nasty like foundation. it is also 100% pure minerals, so you can sleep with it on and it won't hurt your skin. you can also buy it at sephora.


Kelsey said...

We love our Ergo - glad it's working out so well for you! Our new little one arrived on August 10, wish we were closer so you could take her pics. I have a good camera/lens, but don't know how to use them except on auto!

Carma Lee said...

Best make-up I ever used!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Lara- I've been looking for a good baby carrier for my back health and ease of running around with three young kids. I'm glad you posted about the ERGO carrier! It looks like just the thing we've been holding out for! Thanks and take care!

Kim said...

The make-up sounds interesting but your skin is so gorgeous you could smear play-doh on it and it would still look great!

Amy Teets said...

I love BE too! But I have to say I like Laura Gellar better! It seems not to make more pores look bigger as BE can do ;) I agree your skin is gorgeous! Can't wait to see ya in Jan!