Wednesday, February 18, 2009

two hours to myself, what do i do?

-the dishes from breakfast, nope
-hang up my last load of laundry, nope
-make the kids' beds, nope
-put away valentine's decorations, nope
-defunk the bathroom, nope
-mop up that sticky spot on the kitchen floor that my sock keeps sticking to, nope
-clean the black hole, a.k.a the basement, nope
-start dinner, nope
-exercise, one-big-huge-NOPE

*eat leftover dairy queen icecream cake from my birthday
*crochet beanie hats for my baby boy and for my good friend's baby girl {her shower is next week}
*switch between Oprah & Ellen

yeah, so this family that we go to church with have children 8-years-old and older, but my kids LOVE them. in fact, they are the family that we get to babysit our kids too. well, today we had to go over there to practice a song that i'm singing in church on sunday {their mom plays the piano and is choir director} and before i left they asked me if the kids could stay and play for a couple of hours...hmmm, let me YEAH!!! so this is how i spent my time to myself. what does this say about i really care?

for all you crochet-ers out there, go here to make the bear hat!
i did change it up a bit, so have fun!
for this baby beanie, go here
for the flower, go here
i did add a shell stitch to the edge, just google it!


Marcus and Jamie Yetter said...

Very cute! I am glad I checked because I was thinking to do one for Amy too! Maybe I will do different colors if I still do. The bear beanie is super cute! Lets get together tomorrow or friday. I miss our craft days!

Carma Lee said...

Love them both!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing the links - those hats are really cute. With my little nephew on his way I may try the bear hat.
Have you ever tried Lots and lots of patterns for crochet (& knitting) there. Mayn, many free, and some for purchase. I recently signed up and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest hats, Lara...makes me wish my kids were younger! Thanks for the links. I have a little baby niece that could use one of those cute little hats.


Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I'm so glad I started following your blog. Those hats are so cute! I think I'll give it a try...I've never ventured into hats, but I can't refuse.

Kristin said...

these are adorable! What cute gifts for baby showers :) I used to crochet all the time and this just might be the motivation I need to get going again. :)
(and for the fellow Calls that happen to read this comment, no-I am not expecting. :) )

Rachel Baldwin said...

Lara! You are gorgeous! Tell Matt I said hi!

Check out Spread the word!

The Skinners said...

you are the craft queen. i love them.

i need some advice - you said jack had his pacifyer for awhilw. how did you finally get rid of it? i'm thinking it's about time for poor madison.

Soelbergs said...

SO SO CUTE!!!! I always regret when I use those rare hours to myself doing housework. Good call! I wish it were cod enough here to wear those more. I love to crochet too - but haven't done it in a while.

Soelbergs said...

And - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a great day.

Michael, Tiffany, Reese, Cash, and Carter said...

once again, you're so dang creative it's crazy!! Love the girl one especially! Love that you crafted instead of any of the dreaded cleaning/home maintenance...UGGGH!

Just K said...

Oh, I wish that I could crochet! Or, that I had a baby head to put them on for that matter.

Sonda T said...

adorable hats, Lara! Now let's see a pic of you wearing one! :) It was so great to see you at CHA! Hugs, Sonda

Lisa said...

okay Lara those are the cutest hats ever...and good for you for taking 2 hours to do things for yourself! I'm so glad you posted the links cuz I've been wondering where you get your darling hat patterns...especially the flowers! So CUTE! You're so talented!

Kristi said...

very cute! very very very cute!

Leslie said...

Hmmm...yeah, I won't be clicking on a link. I will just buy one from you. Yeah, that sounds more like my kind of gig! :)

Caralee said...

Holy Cow I love the bear hat! And of course the flower one is beautiful too.

Tanya Leigh said...

You did not finish those in 2 hours! I LOVE these hats! I will have to give them a try... is there a larger pattern? I was oo-ing over G's beautiful beanie, and now these! you are amazing.

feel free to email me (

Jacquie said...

good for you!! Those hats are so cute I almost want to learn how to crochet! You look great! How are you feeling?