Sunday, February 1, 2009

news from cha

well, the week has come and gone, and now i have laundry to do and several responsibilities to fulfill. now i'm back to the artic zone and out of the 75 degrees...sigh. no more breakfast made to order or someone making my bed...but i terribly missed my sweethearts, and they happen to live in ohio and need much of my TLC. despite all the perks and the great time i had with my scrapbook friends, it's great to be home. we had a great week and had much success with dream street. it's so much fun to meet our retailers and to hear how our customers love our paper. one retailer told me, "dream street paper truly sells itself, it really flies off the shelves." not only was it great to meet the retailers, but to also see my good friends that i've made in this business. my co-workers {and good friends} threw me a surprise baby shower. i flew in last so they all rushed out to target to get my baby boy something before i came in town. it was so sweet of them, and i feel truly blessed to have them in my life.

here is a little list of some of the online retailers that sell
dream street:
a cherry on top
serendipity scrapbooks

*keep in mind that the new stuff won't be in stock for a couple weeks*

one more layout! i looked at this layout the whole week as i was missing my babies!

we took advantage of being in aneheim, ca and enjoyed disney land for a little bit
we had two other girls working with us through the week, but would you believe that i didn't take one picture??!! i'm still waiting for more pics...i'll post those later.
tracy took this picture of me in the shop at "frontier land"...not too shabby, huh?
and with this picture i became "the coolest mom ever" according to jack who is currently a teensy bit obsessed with star wars (even though he hasn't even really seen the real star wars). i think one of the paper companies had star wars' paper or something...i was too busy working to notice...but not too busy for a picture.


Anne said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun! That Star Wars picture is too funny. Your hair is looking so great, too!

Kristi said...

Awesome! And you look GORGEOUS! I love your layouts so much. You are amazing! And isn't it great to have friends outside of your little "home" world that keep you feeling like a professional and like a grown up? LOVE IT! I think having things outside your home makes your life happier inside the home. You're a good example of following dreams and creating. Good girl! :o)

Ammons Family said...

I am glad you had fun at the convention. Congratulations on having another boy! You seem to have a pattern going with the whole gender thing.

Corinne said...

i am glad that you had a good time can't wait to hear all about it! how cute is your little tummy getting. and of course you look beautiful! can i have just one tenth of your creativity? that would be great!

Samantha said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You look incredible by the way. I hope you are feeling better. I showed my husband Star Wars picture and he, like Jack, thought that was pretty cool.

Emilee said...

great pages! your little belly is so stinkin cute! you are darling!

Tara said...

So, I randomly found your blog, not exactly sure how. You have an adorable blog and family. You are so talented! I am in love with your header, and was wondering if you make custom one and sell them? If so, let me know! Thanks so much, Tara Wermuth

Just K said...

Love the Star Wars photo! Jason would be jealous. I am in love with your paper too and wish that I still scrapbooked. Someday i'll get back to that hobby, I hope.
Congrats on the baby boy, what exciting news. I think I am finally starting to wish for another. It's taken me a long time to realize that since having "walking-accident" Brynli.