Tuesday, February 6, 2007

fishies - a staple?

it's funny how little things in life change when you have kids. on my counter are jars of "staples" in my kitchen. wheat, flour, powdered sugar, sugar, oats, wheat thins, and fishie crackers. (the wheat thins are for me to eat on the run, and the fishies are for jack and gracie.) they eat fishies just about every day. it's handy to have them on the counter for the kids to reach. now that i have my kiddos, it is hard to remember/imagine life any different. although frustrating, tiring, and difficult at times, life with children creates an abundance of joy. each child brings different moments of joy to our life too. jack is such a lover (like his daddy). he is always telling me how much he loves me, giving me hugs, and planting wet smooches on my lips. the other day at football practice jack called out from the field, "mom, are you watching? i sure love you." the other parents chuckled while i held back the tears. hearing i love you from my children is the best. also, the other day i was making cookies and jack said, "sweetheart, can you bring me a cookie." i laughed for a long time. sometimes i will just be driving or walking somewhere, and i'll remember and laugh at his comment. (he has a good daddy as a role model.) one time i picked him up from nursery and jack said, "hey, pretty mama." he is a character. i love him. gracie is my little princess. from the time she was born, i can't go anywhere without at least one person stopping me and commenting on her beauty. several people have told me i should get her into modeling. (too bad she has a stubborn streak, or maybe i'd do it to save her money for college.) i'm a bit partial, but i think she is beautiful too. before she was born (actually, when i was pregnant with jack) i had recurring dreams about a little girl with dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. she would reach out her hands and say, "mama". when we found out that jack was a boy - i didn't understand why i had those dreams when i had felt so strongly that the baby in my dreams would someday be mine. when i was expecting for the second time, i hoped this baby would be the baby in my dreams. when we found out i was carrying a girl, we didn't pick a name right away. in my dreams, i had called my baby girl "gracie". if the baby i delivered looked like the baby in my dreams - we would name her grace. well, as soon as my baby girl was delivered and put on my chest for me to hold...i instantly knew this was the baby in my dreams. she was beautiful with dark curly hair and bright blue eyes. sometimes when she was first born i would look at her and cry. i thought that why would a baby this beautiful be sent to me. later matt and i were talking and wondering why i had dreamed about her when i was pregnant with jack. we both joked that jack stepped in front of her to come first so that he could protect her. (and boy does he). now that gracie is growing, she has such a precious little way about her. her name, "grace", fits her perfectly. every night i thank Heavenly Father for sending me these to little ones. they are far more perfect than me. may matt and i have the guidance from above to help these two find their rightful places in this life.


Auburn said...

What a great little blog entry! You're so amazing. I just teared up too, when you were talking about Jack. He's such a sweetie. I can't wait to see he and Gracie next week. Lily is going to love seeing her cousins. She absolutely adores little people, so I'm sure she will get a kick out of Jack and Gracie. Sure love ya!

Kate said...

Lara, I sure love your entry and I think that is such a good idea to use it as a journal. I hope you know how much you and your little family mean to me; I think it's much more than you'll know. I know without a doubt that I have the best sister in the entire world and even if I could have had the chance to hand pick the perfect sister, I would have picked you. I sure love you.

Carma Lee said...

Always love reading your blog. Makes me remember fondly how much I loved have little ones. I miss it, but thanks your kids I can revisit the happy times!