Thursday, February 1, 2007

cha - scrapbook convention

i went to aneheim, california for the scrapbook convention to sell my paper (and everyone else's)! this is our booth... tara, the owner built it herself. everyone kept saying how fabulous our booth was. i didn't realize the hard work that goes into these conventions. i'm pooped! we were on our feet all day selling our papers and helping the customers. It was a huge show...30,000 people were there. it was a bit overwhelming walking onto the floor and seeing so much going on. our papers and company is a bit unique because there are 9 designers and we all have our own style. we also get to put our name on our papers. most other companies do not put the designer's name on the paper, and their paper is all very similar. each line of our paper is very different from the others. people would come into our booth and say things like, "there is something for everyone," or "this is a one stop shop". also, our booth was busy all the time. it was exciting to see lots of retailers getting excited about our papers (and buying them!). tara said that we tripled her expectations and that we would probably have to go to reprint! it is so amazing to be a part of this company and team of women. we are all different, but got along so well. we didn't get a picture with everyone (kind of sad), but here is a picture with some of the women. also, i have a picture with my roommate, alicia. she was a great roommate to have, and such a sweetheart. she lives 60 miles from cleveland (where we are moving in 5 months) - so we will have to get together with her and her family. i loved meeting all the girls. each one is unique and fun in her own way. i feel so privileged to be a part of the dream street team. we are already talking about summer cha in chicago! thanks to everyone for accepting the new girl and for a fabulous show. i'm excited for the new chapter this company and opportunity creates in my life.

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