Wednesday, January 17, 2007

sometimes you have to look past the pee pee

last night i was staying up late because i went to pick up my paper, and of course i was too excited to work with it and sleep wasn't an option...let's face it - i would have laid awake for two hours and thought about what i should do anyway. iv'e learned a couple things about myself - and shutting my brain down to sleep when it's on a creative roll is not an option is one of them. it's almost like the creativeness in me surges adrenaline through my veins and keeps me up to finish my thoughts through a kills me every time when i look up and realize it's 2 am and i have realized that my eyes burn and my arms are heavy (it's bizarre that my eyes never registered to my brain how much they burned) that just me or does this happen to anyone else? anyway, back to the reason for the title of my 1 am i hear jack crying; my gut feeling is that he threw up b/c matt had the stomach flu on monday night and i am just waiting for that friendly bug to visit the rest of us...i go in his room and notice that he had peed the bed.(not just a little pee either, but a 2 foot in diameter pee spot). my first reaction is to be mad at matt b/c jack usually doesn't pee the bed if he goes right before bed. however, my sweetheart reassured me that jack "took 2 huge pees" right before bed. anyway, jack is crying so i let him come lay in our bed for a bit while i am changing his sheets. when i come back into my room there was another huge pee spot on my bed. ( i was starting to get a little ticked b/c my bed doesn't have a plastic liner to protect the mattress like his bed does, and my eyes were really burning from sleep deprivation). so i have to wake matt, change jack, change the sheets, calm him down, etc, etc, etc. well my sweet hubby changed the sheets for me and said, "it's all right sweetheart, we are a team" - i love him - and i went and rocked my 3 and a half year old. i have not rocked him for so long, and last night the realization hit me that i might not get many more chances to do that. although i was tired, i relished in the moment of holding my firstborn while he fell asleep on my chest. i remembered how i used to rock him as a baby and truly felt like it was just yesterday (a saying i thought only old people said), and realized it was 3 years of yesterdays gone by. with 2 small children it is good for me to have occasional moments like this because it puts life into perspective for me, and helps me to enjoy every moment of their little lives...when they are 30 i know i will think - where did the time go? i loved holding him and feeling needed. i need moments like that in the quiet of the night or morning to remember to love each moment as it comes- even the pee pee.


Auburn said...

I know how you feel!!! I've already started thinking about when the time comes that I won't be able to cuddle my little Lily anymore. She is such a cuddler now and I'm going to miss having her lay her little head on my chest. I love it when she just lays there, so still, with her eyes open and looks at me while we rock. Slowly her little eyes get heavier and heavier until she can't keep them open any longer, and she gives in. I love my little angel. I need more babies.

Aaron.Shara.Abby said...

I am so glad to see you come into the world of blogging! I am also addicting, and could spend hours looking and reading others! You are so creative and talented and make the rest of us have to think if we have any talents!! I look forward to more posts!