Tuesday, January 9, 2007

addicted/cleaning soapbox

so i totally love this blogging stuff. however, it's just one more thing to take me away from my housework....cleaning is overrated anyway. i think there is a difference between dirty and messy. i take care of the "dirty" part once a week - clean with cleaner, vaccum, dust, etc - the messy part however (all the toys, clothes, dog bones, etc) - we are lucky if that happens once a day. i try really hard to do a once over right before matt comes home. i know i should make my house meticulous during nap time... but that's when i have lara time. also, while the kids are awake - i'd rather play with them. my mom-in-law once told me that she loves the saying "the cobwebs can wait, but your children will grow up". well, that's that. my house is generally in pretty good shape. anyway...i love this brown hat on grace! she loves hats too. this pink and brown paper is totally in right now and perfect for these pictures. too bad grace never smiles. last night we had pictures with my parents and siblings - and little miss gracie wanted nothing to do with smiling - or being in the picture for that matter. she just kept screaming NO NO. my mom made the comment that how could something this cute be so naughty! she was my angel baby until she hit 18 months...now she has decided it's her turn to be heard. we love you my little stoic, strong-willed princess.

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