Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Officer Graduation

Well, Matt and I are reunited again! It was a long six weeks being apart. Although it was difficult to be away from my sweetheart, it really made me fall in love with him more and learn to appreciate all he does for me and our family. I was so glad to have family here, especially the help of my mom. My mom and dad were great to watch my kidlets so I could go to San Antonio for Matt's Officer Graduation and some much needed alone time with my man. We had a great, relaxing trip. It was our "calm before the storm". We are getting ready to fly to Germany on Sunday, July 31. We've heard it can take several weeks, even months to find a I have to prepare myself to live in a hotel for a little while. German adventure - here we come!
Matt made several friends while at BOLC {Basic Officer Leadership Course}. CPT Ryan Allen became his good friend. We had to get a "battle buddy" picture! {They really had to designate a "battle buddy"}
Matt belonged to the 8th Platoon. {There were 8 platoons total} He's in there somewhere. The soldiers had to stand there for the whole graduation in the hot, humid weather. I witnessed 6 different people pass out. It was a bit unnerving. Side note - when standing for a long time {especially in the heat} don't lock your knees or you will pass out.
Matt also went to church while he was at camp. He found strength in fellow officers of faith. This is less than half of his church buddies. There was a senior missionary couple {the Anderson's} who ran the LDS branch.
Since we were in San Antonio, we had to go see the Alamo.


Jenny G said...

Pretty cool. A Dr. and an officer! Glad you guys are together again

Tracy said...

Congratulations. Thank you, Matt for your service! Laura, I look forward to keepng up with your Deustch adventures. gl├╝ckliche w├╝nschen! ♥

Tami Allred said...

Good luck on your new adventure! You'll have a great experience I'm sure.