Thursday, June 3, 2010

going green {in style}

well, i had a little break from school, so again, i finished some projects. i saw this adorable market bag posted on my friend, tracy's, blog. while i haven't taken this beauty to the "market", i have used it at costco and the pool. i really love this little diddy. thanks for the idea, tracy! i love frill, so i felt the need to add that cute little flower.
i used 3 balls of lily brand, sugar n' cream from joann's.

here is another project that i was inspire by my friend emily. i saw her at church with a cute embellished shirt. i bought 2 green shirts from old navy {one of my favs} for $5 each. i bought my size and an extra large so i'd have fabric to work with. on the extra large shirt, i cut off the bottom band with my rotary blade and then cut 1 inch strips. i snipped off 1 seem and wound some flowers together. i started in the center of the flower, and then worked my way behind and around. i created the flowers separate and then tacked them {sewing by hand} to my shirt. it turned out so cute!


Emilee said...

cute cute! have you seen the makeitandlove it site, another one is littlebirdysecrets. you would probably like them...i wish i did more crafty things but i still love to see what you have done!

Tracy said...

Hey! Your bag looks CUTE! Love the variegated colors and the cute flower. And I'd really like to try a T like that too.
I have this blog bookmarked - another T-shirt idea to try: