Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh what to do in the winter time???

seriously, how many ways can you say cloudy??? the sun don't shine here in cleveland, folks. the only way i can stay sane is to craft and's my latest:

i finally finished the binding on this apple quilt i've been working on. oh, it's so cheerful. i love snuggling under it.

i painted up this cute ladder-back chair i found for cheap, cheap at the antique shop. {it works great for my computer desk}.
i made some bibs and a bumper for super baby. i tried to not have a bumper at first b/c the doc says they are dangerous, but now that he's contains the binkis in the crib...serious life saver!

want something to do? come craft with me. i love company. i'm always here for super baby's naps!


Beckstead Family said... are so talented!! Wish I could come craft with you. Hope all is well!

Heather said...

I have to know the color of that chair. I've been looking for a good turquoise for what seems like forever & this might be the ticket!

I would love to craft with you, it's much more fun than going at it alone most days!

Ben and Shawneen said...

I would love to come craft with you! I seriously need to learn a few things. I feel like all my free time goes to cleaning Ben's parents massive house! I need a good hobby. How about you move to Idaho. What do ya say?

Michael, Tiffany, Reese, Cash, and Carter said...

Well missy...the sun is always shining here in come here and we'll craft like crazy! Hire some sitters and go to town (wink). Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous and I love the chair and bibs. Super cute, as per your usual!!!xo

Emilee said...

yea, we gave up bumpers with elisha and dont hqave them for boys either, and we loos bikies to the wall back there all the time: hate it! anyway, cute stuff!

Tracy said...

oh how i wish we lived closer. i'd never get anything done. lol!

skinners said...

i quite amazed, as always, at the stuff you make. i especially love the bibs for some reason. looks like you're juggling mom/student/crafter quite well!

Kristi said...

so so so cute! wow. and the red velvet cake looks amazing! wow.