Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dinner time

reason #57 of why i love my ergo carrier:

i can get dinner done and not have to listen to super baby yelling at me!

{thanks again girls who bought this for me
& for rachael for introducing this fine product to me!
i really do use it like crazy!}

i totally look nappy...but i'm human too...we all have our days.
{yeah, it was one of those days...hence the pj's}


Auburn said...

yesterday was PJ day for us too. I was actually babysitting my girlfriends two little girls for like 6 hours and one of them (a 4 year old) and I had a conversation that went like this -
e: "are those your jammies?"
a: "yep"
e: "oh"
a: "does your mommy ever have a jammy day?"
e: "no"
a: "awesome"

SERIOUSLY. Pretty dang funny. Heck if I lived in Ohio where it was freezing cold - I'd be livin' in my jammies. I'm SO EXCITED to come VISIT and hang out in our jammies and SEW all day!!

Micah and BriAnne said...

At least they are cute jammies! I definately need to invest in some cute ones...I have way to many "one of those days" not to. :) I've heard a lot about those Ergos. Mayeb I'll have to invest in one for baby #2.

Kristi said...

Um...jammie days. Like every day lately for me! I love how S is peeking over at the camera. So cute.

Ben and Shawneen said...

Its good to see that your human too! We are in Idaho now so every day is a jammie day, unless I leave the house, but as soon as I get home, on go the jammies again. With a new baby I just want to be comfortable.

Michelle Devine said...

Love the pjs :)

Tracy said...

hee-hee- love the reality moment.
I'm in my jammies as I post this...

Shey said...

Haha! This picture is hilarious! I love it! I miss seeing you guys!