Monday, November 2, 2009

halloween...take three {the real thing}

a full moon to end the perfect halloween night. G says, after she saw the moon, "i'm sure glad werewolves are just pretend." me too, G, me too.

here's matt's pride and joy...our ginormous pumpkin is eating G's little pumpkin from her pumpkin hunt at preschool.

i love this picture because it perfectly depicts trick-or-treating.
as you can see, G changed her costume, yet again. {she wanted something a bit warmer} it's okay, that cupcake got 3 parties use out of it...and a few chili stains later. so tonight it was mickey mouse...her favorite character in the whole-wide-world.
J was still J the Great, and he booked it to all the different houses.

and just to let my guard down and show you all that i have little pride...i wore the mickey mouse ears for a good part of the evening!


robyn said...

that is a super spooker halloween moon! Looks like alot of fun, love the costumes. You are such a good mom, I told my J that if he didnt wear his Indian head dress (apparently he didnt like the name) no one would give him candy.

Gerber Family said...

You are so sweet. I really enjoyed your testimony too. What a sweet little boy you have.

Jake & Sarah Salmon said...

How fun! That moon picture is amazing! Good photo skills sister sue! Love you guys!